The Summit Theme has been tested with a number of popular plugins. Here’s a few that I would recommend checking out for use with this theme.


You’ll need to sign up for a account and authenticate your site to use the JetPack plugin, but this gives you access to a number of useful modules.

Tiled Galleries

The galleries you see in this demo are all powered by JetPack. Galleries display as a square grid otherwise.

Infinite Scroll

New posts will automatically load in as visitors scroll through the site. If footer widgets are in use, a “Load More” button will be used instead.

Contact Forms

This is what is used for the contact form in this demo. You can also add different form elements if you need to get custom information in your contact form.

Google Analyticator

Do you use Google Analytics? This plugin allows you to add the required code and view the latest stats straight from the dashboard. More info.


Backups are really important for your site. If you’re not using a service like VaultPress, install this free plug-in and set up a backup schedule. More info.

Lazy Load

This plugin helps your site run a bit faster by waiting to load images until they are needed by the browser. More info.

Regenerate Thumbnails

If you are switching from a previous theme and have uploaded a lot of photos, it would be good to regenerate your image sizes. This plugin will help you do that.

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